Sport Sepp Sulden


Sport Sepp the Skirental in Sulden

In the center of Sulden you can find our Sports store Sport Sepp.

We carry the leading branded items in the Sports sector. Even ski and snowboards are getting a handmade preparation by ourselves, customized adjusted.

From beginner, up to racer. The owner`s family personally, advises and take care of You. Erwin (Sepp) and Dominik welcomes you in the Rental and Service area, and are there for any of your questions. Thanks to his many years of experience, Sepp is a true professional in the field of Ski technology.

We all have been enthusiastic Ski fans since childhood, and are looking forward to share this passion with you.

René, the second son of the family, is a former Ski racer and works now as a Ski instructor at the Ski school Sulden.

We are looking forward to seeing you

Family Fierer - Sport Sepp


The Ski rental shop was built by Alois Fierer in the year of 1955. In those days, the shop had the name ,,Sport Fierer" and was in the ,,Haus Vertana", directly next to the ski piste Sonnenhang. It was the first ski rental shop in Sulden.

In 1973 Josef Fierer took over the shop and also changed it's location. Since then the shop is in the ,,Villa Alpenrose", directly next to the ski piste ,,Kanzel". Josef led the shop with his wife Anna until 1990. Then his son Erwin took over the ski rental.

Erwin changed the name of the ski rental into ,,Sport Sepp". He also rebuilt the premises and bought new machines for the ski service. The adjoining garage was converted for a shop extension. Since 1990, Erwin and his wife Irma are leading the shop. The four kids are also lending a hand where they can. That is why ,,Sport Sepp" is pure family business. The family places huge emphasis on buying new equipment for the best ski service.